receive money

Wonder what a Reference Number is?
MoneyGram Reference Number is the key to your money.
Please ask your sender for 8 digits number printed on the receipt.
If your sender hasn’t sent yet, visit MoneyGram and find a location

Got the Number in your hand?
You can receive up to ¥100,000 right away, or become our member to receive up to ¥1,000,000.
  Bank Account Cash Delivery Cash Pickup
Application Online / FAX Online / FAX Counter
Overall time 10 minutes ~1 day 1~3 days Immediately
Cost Bank charge: ¥54~¥270 ¥500 ¥0
Best choice for Bank account holder Short term visitor Who can easily visit our
Shinjuku Counter (Tokyo)
Online:Click the Receive Money up to ¥100,000 to receive up to ¥100,000 right away or Register as a Member button to register as our member to send up to ¥1,000,000.
Counter:Come visit us to collect your cash! We have English speaking staff ready to guide you. Do not forget to carry your photo ID with you! Check our location [MAP]
FAX:Living far from Tokyo? Not familiar with internet? Just fax us [FAX Order Sheet] and a copy of your residence card, driver’s license, or passport. (Both front and back)